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Artist Fact Sheet: Gus Clark & The Least of His Problems

No stones of country music are left unturned when Gus Clark takes the stage



When thinking about the Pacific Northwest's music scene, one might not immediately hone in on its country music. However, if you know where to look you'll find those artists and bands churning out brilliant bits of country, Americana and blues. One PNW native in particular, the talented Gus Clark, has managed to carve out his own spot in the country music scene with his refreshing sound and modern take on old school country.

Fans of country, Americana, and blues won't want to miss Gus Clark's night at Silver Moon Brewing. - CREDIT CONNIE ARAMAKI
  • Credit Connie Aramaki
  • Fans of country, Americana, and blues won't want to miss Gus Clark's night at Silver Moon Brewing.

Whether Clark is expertly covering classics or writing his own strong material, the man does each extremely well and in his own way. Covering other artists' work is a pastime that used to be done on the regular, so seeing someone do it at this level today is a treat. This Thursday you'll be able to see a bit of both as Clark hits up Silver Moon Brewing.

Learn more about Clark and what he brings to the table with this Artist Fact Sheet.

Where he's from: Originally from our neighbor to the north, Gus Clark grew up in Spokane and left Washington at the age of 18 to hit the road—but not in his own car. Clark was hitchhiking and riding freight trains, with his trusty backpack and mandolin to accompany him as he started playing on the streets. Clark ended up returning to Washington but now calls Canyon Lake, Texas, his home.

What's to like: Clark has captured the improvisational spirit of creation in country music, as he is able to navigate between many classic stylings, all while putting his own fresh Gus Clark spin on his records. He dips in between tracks of honky tonk, blues, upbeat Western-dance numbers and more that tackle the full spectrum of what country music can be. Clark's register can dive down to ocean depths and climb back up close to the yodel-zone (trademark pending). Plus, when he brings out that accordion, you can't help but dig hard on what Clark is doing. Check out his latest project from this March, "Some of My Songs," that were all recorded in Seattle.

Songs to start with: "(I Hope I) Die Young," "Sing a Song," "I'll Go Down Swinging," "Sick, Sober and Sorry"

For fans of: Charley Crockett, Pokey LaFarge, Tyler Childers, Mike and the Moonpies.

Random Internet Dig Fact: Clark's 2020 single, "Thoughts and Prayers," was written from the memory of a 2012 shooting at Cafe Racer in Seattle, a spot that Clark frequented. The reactions among the community in the aftermath of the shooting are what inspired the song, and had Clark not been at band practice, he too would have been at the cafe that day. Check it out at:

Gus Clark & The Least of His Problems
Thu., April 28, 7-10pm
Silver Moon Brewing
24 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend
$10 on BendTicket

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