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ArtWatch: Cultural Tourism fund reaches $200K



We're all aware that winter brings lots of visitors to Bend. But what about those pesky summer months? Can the "arts" help draw crowds once people hang up their skis and boards? Shannon Planchon hopes so, and she's got a whopping $200,000 in grant money to prove it. Planchon is the project manager of the Bend Cultural Tourism Commission. "We're hoping to increase the capacity of organizations and artists by helping to attract outside visitors, while acting as an economic driver," she says. Especially in the summer. Funded through Transient Room Tax dollars, the Commission makes grants available to get the local arts engine revving. The $200,000 is an increase from $185,000 last year and $125,000 the year before. The next deadline is mid-April. Local artists: consider yourselves motivated.

Death by Design explores digital dependency

We love our phones. Wait. Hang on a second, I have to take this call. Ok, I'm back. Now then, have you ever wondered about the environmental cost of all this technology? A provocative new documentary called "Death By Design" asks the question: "What is the cost of our digital dependency?"Answer: More than you think. Consider: Making these phones and pads and laptops can keep workers on the job for 84 hours a week. Not to mention safety hazards in the workplace. Add that to the potential for environmental destruction since these gadgets are hardly designed to last forever. Images of sweatshop-style workplaces and mountains of discarded "technology" are positively haunting.

Death By Design

Thur, Feb. 9, 6pm

The Old Stone Performing Arts Center

157 NW Franklin Ave, Bend

541 322-7273


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