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At Least We Still Have 4:20

Life is stressful right now. What better time to celebrate a holiday all about chilling out?


Lots of people are laid off.
The kids are stuck at home all day, taking laps around the walls.
And nobody—I mean nobody—knows when all this is going to end.

If there was ever a time when we needed a holiday that encourages you to chillax and melt into the couch, it's now.

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Happy 4/20, y'all.

Every week that our print edition is on stands, our Smoke Signals column celebrates the many facets of legal weed—from strains we love to legal battles fought by our local growers. In celebration of this stoner holiday, we're rounding up some of our favorite recent stories on that sweet, sweet legal weed.

So sit back and prepare to celebrate all things ganja on this much-needed "holiday."

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Hygiene and Cannabis (what covid makes us think about!)
A local grower weighs in

Tokin' Tunes
The artists with the most mentions of the green stuff

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  • Wikimedia, Jason Persse

What a Long Strange Trip
A survivor of the 1960s shares his experience buying legal weed in Bend for the first time

Hemp's Central Oregon Explosion A bird's eye view of the proliferation of hemp farms in Central Oregon

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  • Greg Moring

Your Budtenders' Favorite Products
THC comes in many shapes and sizes—here's an inside look at what bud lovers enjoy the most

Women CEOs in Cannabis
Shaking up the weed industry's "dudebro" image in Central Oregon

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  • Source

Where Do Marijuana Taxes Go?
The state has pumped millions into extra funding for schools, mental health and cops

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