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Awbrey Shooting Story Missed the Target

In response to Justified Homicide?: Awbrey Butte shooting raises big questions.



I am saddened by the article regarding the shooting on Awbrey Butte.

The tone, as I perceive it, is, "Let's make this a murder mystery and make the rich guy look questionable!"

Very Un-Source like.

I am sure Mr. Munoz was a good friend, dad, etc. And no one could feel anything but sympathy for his family. But HE made that one sorrowful decision to invade a home.

Whether his intention was to steal the family jewels or just get a glass of milk, HE CHOSE to put the homeowner in a situation of defense.  The homeowner could not know if it was milk or meth money or blood Mr. Munoz was after. (And trying to talk this through with a home invader? That would be crazily dangerous.)

The homeowner's personal history is IRRELEVANT. This article should never have been published.

The only relevant facts are:

1) Man comes home to find intruder.

2) Man shoots and kills intruder.

That's about it.   No socioeconomic, religious, ethnic, political considerations are relevant for either men.

Mr. Munoz is not a victim. That says nothing negative about his character.

And now, the homeowner is being chastised for complicating and delaying this case? He would be crazy not to have legal counsel in place before discussing anything.

This man never dreamed he would have to deal with a home intruder.  He had no sensible choice in this situation placed upon him by the young man who made a very sorrowful decision.


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