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Band Fact Sheet: THICK

Brooklyn punk trio is going to bring it when it hits Volcanic



Expressing anger and getting out your frustrations actually feels pretty good sometimes. If you're having trouble doing so, listening to a song from Brooklyn's THICK will probably help you release that tension. The passion this punk trio has is one to get you inspired. Not only is THICK's music relentless and powerful, but it's also really damn good.

You can stream THICK's latest album "Happy Now" on Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music. - JESSICA GUREWITZ
  • Jessica Gurewitz
  • You can stream THICK's latest album "Happy Now" on Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music.

Any punk or garage rock fans in Central Oregon should be flocking to the Volcanic Theatre Pub next Monday night. Learn more about the trio with this Band Fact Sheet.

Who's in the band: Nikki Sisti on vocals and guitar, Kate Black on vocals, bass and synth and Shari Page on vocals and drums.

How they came to be: Around the end of 2014 Sisti posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a drummer who shared a similar love for Blink-182 and FIDLAR—that's when Page came into the picture. Black joined later in 2015 after Sisti and Page worked their magic to get her in the band. Then the Brooklyn punk trio was complete. They've been signed on with the great Epitaph records since 2018.

What's to like: THICK will just lay it all out there on any given track. On the trio's second album, "Happy Now," it doesn't make the listener have to wonder where their angst is coming from—the artists tell it like it is. With "Montreal," THICK concocts a beautiful and hard-nosed love song. On the album's closer, "Something Went Wrong," the three let loose and drill through the bullshit they are forced to deal with daily for just being women. THICK brings honesty, punchy harmonies and high energy to its poppy, punk and garage rock sounding tunes. They are exactly what a Riot grrrl band would sound like in 2022, delivering countless headbangers.

Songs to start with: "Happiness," "Mansplain," "Puke's Dinner," "Loser," "Maybe Tomorrow"

For fans of: Illuminati Hotties, PUP, Mannequin Pussy, Dehd, Bully

Random Internet Dig Fact: Drummer Kate Black seems to have invented a new word, and I love it. In an interview with When The Horn Blows, Black coins the term "angertivity" when talking about THICK's new album. Angertivity is "when you experience positivity and happiness from going through anger and hurt." This seems like the perfect word to describe the group's sound.

Socials: Instagram: @thickinbrooklyn
Twitter: @thickinbrooklyn
Facebook: Thickinbrooklyn

THICK w/ Skating Polly and Vial
Mon., Sept. 26, 8-11pm
Volcanic Theatre Pub
70 SW Century Dr., Bend
$16 on Bendticket

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