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Barfing Her Eyes Out



Editor’s note: We were originally contacted by the letter writer below when she left us a colorful voicemail that we shared with readers on the Bent Blog. Below is her follow-up letter that arrived typed out and dropped in our mail slot a week ago. Thanks for staying in touch anonymous 13-year-old. And here’s hoping that our next communication is via smoke signals. (EJF)

Hello, greetings, hola, salutations, and aloha!  Guess who?  That's right! Your "pissed off" 13 year old.  Just some clarification, as I read your Bent (extremely bent) blog and most of its twisted, bleeding  heart, and irrelevant comments.  I was not pissed off, rather I was disappointed in your work.  Sadly, I am not leaving a voicemail this time, but a letter can be just as entertaining, if not more (that is if you have the brain capacity, and I sure hope you do).
So, I called that hot July evening because I had just read one of the most diabolical, half truth, left wing BULL articles in my life—The Boot/Glass Slipper.  "Guns Don't Kill People…The NRA Does" was the headline your paper barfed to my eyes, rendering me first speechless, then livid.  Maybe you should get your facts straight, but….wait, oh thaaaat's riiiight!  You base your article purely on opinion, statistics pulled fresh from your butts, and liberal thought.  Note: improvement necessary in this area.

I read the comments on your blog and I have to say, some of them really stung.  Big thanks to whoever left the very first comment.  Your awesome.  But for the rest of you who think a 13-year-old girl can't speak for herself, who think that I am just a puppet to my parents or the church, GET A CLUE!!!!!!!!!!  I am an independent teenager who is equipped with a strong vocabulary and my own brain and opinion (and a .45) and am not afraid to use all of them (second amendment, people…read up).  I have my own beliefs.  I know the facts and do my research, most importantly I SPEAK FOR MYSELF!!  It really is sad to think what standards have been formed for today's youth to compel people to say these things.  Not all teenagers are mealy mouthed mice.  I guess the ones that are the product of the guys we're paying for, the moronic liberal Obama lovers.

I also read the latest poop (that is the Boot/Glass Slipper, of course) and noticed yet another error in your jab at Dan Cathy's biblical values.  So, yes Noah, Judah, Solomon, and all the other guys did do all of that unspeakable stuff.  But, once again to the Left's advantage, you told only half the truth.  All of these sinful acts you mentioned took place in the Old Testament, which is the part one in the Bible characterizing how bad and full of sin the world was before Jesus was born and taught the Truth then died to redeem these SINS in the New Testament.  These sins were meant to be observed as what not to do.  Dan Cathy is correct, and, oh how many people lined up outside of all the Chik-fil-A's in America?  And didn't they run out of chicken?  That's what I thought,  Conservatives don't hate homos, but if a man sleeps with another man, America shouldn't have to hear how great it was the morning after.  And we don't mind lesbians, but if they want to love on each other, it shouldn't be waved in our faces.  What happens at home stays at home, capice?

So, thank you for your time.  I just wanted to clarify what SUCKS about your paper.  I'm sure you'll find a way to make my words another target to slander.

Oh, b-t-dubbs, love the sound section!  Can you snif out a good local (or maybe non-local) dubstep artist?  That'd be tops!


Your gun lovin', NObama 13-year-old girl!

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