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Beer Hunter: How to

Hunting beers in your own backyard.



Beer Hunter is a simple, yet extremely rewarding game.

Here's how to do it:

  • Set up some full cans of light beer in the backyard
  • take aim with your trusty BB gun and call out a buddy's name, as in "this one's for Joe."
  • if you hit the can, buddy ("Joe") has to run over and drink (shotgun, really) the beer through the hole made by the BB. (Be sure to open the beer for proper shotgunning).
  • pass around the gun, taking turns.

It's fun to gang up on one dude in an effort to get that person extra-drunk.

The rewarding part is threefold: hitting a full can of beer which sprays everywhere, the excitement of someone else hitting a full can of beer can, and drinking beer.



Plinking cans in the back yard, shotgunning beer...pretty great summer time activity.

p.s. be careful. mind your backstop, etc.

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