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The Beer Issue 2018

Crack open that bottle (or can) of suds


Welcome to the Beer Issue! Let's talk beer goggles!

Beer Goggles (noun):

Seeing people and things as increasingly attractive as one's alcohol intake rises.

We're gonna skip right over the sexual innuendos that can be rife with beer goggles, and instead, look at some of the annoying situations people in Central Oregon face, which can be greatly improved by putting on a pair of beer goggles (even ones that look mysteriously like Zorro masks).

In honor of the Beer Issue, we asked local cartoonist William Friday to humor us and draw some of the scenarios plaguing you, dear readers, and how they can get better with a pair of beer goggles. We hope it gives you a chuckle.

Just remember, don't drink and drive, Benditos!

In this section:


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