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Beer of the Week: Barley Wine Ale




stats: 10.2% ABV|70 IBUs
In celebration of the "Class of '88"—those breweries, which, in 1988 launched craft beer into the mainstream, Deschutes has released Barley Wine Ale on what's the 25th anniversary of that magical year. The brew was made in collaboration with "classmates" Rogue and North Coast Brewing. Brewers from all three PNW breweries got together and brewed the barley wine together at each others' respective brew houses. And, in keeping with the theme, the old friends used the recipe listed in Fred Eckhardt's "The Essentials of Beer Style," published in 1988.

How's it taste? They could have called it "Burly Wine." At 10.2% it's not a session beer. It is, however, pleasantly hoppy. I suppose it'd pair well with a lamb stew, or some such meal, but it wasn't the best compliment to my ham and cheese sandwich. My fault.
It's now on shelves locally, sold in 22 oz. bottles. A fine brew, but plan to split this one with a buddy. Get 'em before they're gone—they only made a select few.

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