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Beer of the Week: Sunrise OPA



Oats in a can.
  • Oats in a can.

Yep. OPA. As in Oatmeal Pale Ale. As in made with generous quantities of oats.

The Fort George Brewery beer is a mellow 5.2% session ale, that was more hoppy than I would have thought. Actually, in a blind taste test, I doubt I'd be able to tell you anything about oats in this beer. But they're there—50 pounds of them, in fact.

The OPA comes in one of those newfangled 16-ounce cans four-packs and has an ocean-critter-friendly hard plastic attachment deal—a nice touch. The can is awful handsome looking, too. I got mine at Newport, but have also seen Fort George beers at The Brew Shop and Whole Foods. And Broken Top Bottle Shop often has a Fort George beer on tap.

According to the brewery's website, this beer was based on their first beer ever. They also said this:

Good beer for drinking anytime of the day, even when the sun is rising, due to its dry nature with mild bitterness and lovely hop aroma.

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