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Beer of the Week: Swill


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It's been decided: This is the beer of summer.

Refreshing, low alcohol (4.5% ABV) and lightly sweet Swill is the latest release from 10 Barrel's brew wizard Tonya Cornett. Officially, the beer is a Berliner-Weisse, a cloudy sour wheat. In Germany, in the 19th century, it was the most popular alcoholic drink in the country. The base of Cornett's version was made using a grapefruit-infused Berliner-Weisse with soda added.

Personally, I'm thankful to see a local brewery back off the hops (Swill is a pleasant 13 IBUs). My tongue can only take so much. After a summer of Swills and other fizzy straw-colored beers, I'm sure I'll be ready for fresh-hop season. Until then, keep 'em light, keep 'em different and keep thinking.


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