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Bend 2030 is a community-based organization dedicated to engaging the residents of Bend and the surrounding region in our citizen-generated community vision. Our volunteer board engages with lead partners and keeps the community informed as we work together to make the Bend 2030 Vision a reality. As stewards of the Vision, the organization accomplishes its work through:
• Engaging with lead community partners to move vision Accelerator Projects forward.
• Measuring vision progress and reporting achievements back to the community.
• Engaging citizens and leaders in updating the Vision every five years.
• Recognizing and celebrating success as the Bend 2030 Vision is achieved.
Your donation will help Bend 2030 connect citizens to their vision, providing a platform for regular outreach and updates via social and traditional media, e-news, and the Bend 2030 website. It also supports the coordination of regular town halls, workshops and community events to engage citizens and inform decision-making as we move through a remarkable time of growth and change.

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