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Bend-La Pine Scores High on the SAT


When it comes to measures of school success, it's not all about graduation rates. Markers such as SAT scores can also be an indication of students' achievement — and in the case of the students in the Bend-La Pine school district, SAT scores are trending high. 

According to information released by the Bend-La Pine School District September 27, the district's students are outpacing state and national averages on the SAT exam. Students scored an average of 548 in critical reading, 545 in mathematics and 521 in writing on the 2015 exam, according to the district. Combined, that's a total average score of 1614 — higher than the composite score national average of 1484, and the Oregon average of 1545. 
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Statistics about Oregon's graduation rate have been widely published. According to the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics, Oregon's graduation rate in the 2013-14 school year graduation rate was 72 percent (more recent data from NCES is not yet available). The state of Georgia, meanwhile, had a similar graduation rate of 72.5 percent during that same year — but its SAT scores for 2015 were much lower than Oregon's or Bend-La Pine's, at 1450, according to data compiled by the Washington Post

Another worthwhile comparison is looking at the number of students who took the test in each state, and the percentage of the total student body that represents.

In Oregon, between 41 and 50 percent of the 2015 graduating class was tested — or about 17,405 total students. 

Roughly the same number of students took the SAT in Idaho in 2015 (17,695) — but that represented 91 to 100 percent of the graduating class in the state. In that state, the average combined SAT score was 1372. 

The takeaway: Students in Bend-La Pine districts are doing quite well on the SAT — though teachers might say there's always room for improvement... 

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