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Bend Park and Rec: Brady Fuller



What three things do you most hope to accomplish if elected?

If elected, I hope to work with other Board members to rapidly determine a multi-year waiver of SDCs for affordable housing and match that loss in revenue with a reduction in the District's ambitions for new facilities. Second, I hope to advocate for improved trail infrastructure within the City, coordinated with the City and County's transportation planning. Third, I hope to improve District collaboration with the City, OSU-Cascades, and other local governments both in planning, development of shared-use facilities, and managing risk and costs while delivering appropriate services.

What are you doing right now in service of the issues you're most passionate about?

My passion is investing in students and being a positive role model. Serving as a soccer coach in the spring and fall provides me an opportunity to spend time with my own kids and their friends and build community in our neighborhood. I invest in other services in the elementary youth programs at my church. I also participate in advising local high school engineering technical programs.

What is Park & Rec doing best right now? Where is it most falling short?

I believe the District's recreational programs are among the best performing work of the District. The District has learned to effectively administer many highly popular programs, including partnerships with other nonprofit and commercial groups, and has worked to remove barriers to service through the Needs Based Assistance program.

The District is falling short in recognizing that the level of service the District aspires to is contributing to our region's affordable housing crisis.

Is there a solution for Mirror Pond you most believe in?

I believe in a Mirror Pond solution that preserves Mirror Pond as an iconic Bend feature. I believe in pursuing stakeholder-endorsed riparian and aquatic habitat restoration and fish passage facilities, and providing dedicated river access areas. We must recognize and address long term sediment management challenges caused by maintaining a pond in the Deschutes River.

Tumalo Irrigation District's proposal to assume ownership of Pacific Power's dam represents an opportunity to put significant responsibility in the hands of those already managing significant regional water resources. I will advocate for additional study to define important elements of the project to address uncertainty and other stakeholder concerns.

Do you think that Park & Rec should waive SDC for affordable housing developments?

Yes. I advocate that the Board consider a fixed dollar waiver of SDCs, annually for a limited term, to help close the funding gap for qualified affordable housing developments. The Board must prioritize what parts of its five-year, $75 million capital plan can be afforded after SDC waivers. "Affordable housing" can be interpreted to mean many things, and I am specifically advocating for workforce housing projects that will serve those earning less than 60 percent of the median income. These affordable housing project agreements are typically funded, in-part, by federal tax credit programs and as such are highly structured deals with long term covenants that preserve the "affordable" mandate and thereby provide long term benefit for our community.

What are the three most important qualities for a Park & Rec Board chair?

1. Articulate and advocate for Board policies.

2. Listen carefully to all points of view, and actively solicit input from other Board members, staff, and the community.

3. Understand the District's business model.

What is the single most significant difference between you and your opponents?

I differ from both my opponents in that I have significant experience in planning, design, permitting, operation, and maintenance of public facilities, as well as in cost estimating, financial planning, and risk management.

What are your opponents' best qualities?

Foster Fell appears to have strong feelings and interests, and he is passionate in expressing them. I have observed Dan Fishkin in his public service and I admire the level of respect he conveys to District staff and the public.

How do you use the city's parks? 

In the nearly 8 years I've lived in Bend, my family has played at virtually every park in town, especially our neighborhood park, skate park facilities, the Deschutes River Trail, the fishing pond and hiking trails at Shevlin Park, soccer fields, and off-leash dog areas.

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