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BendFilm Preview: The Ordinary Skier and Getting Up: The TEMPT ONE Story

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Seth MorrisonMovie-lovers! We're here for YOU!

We got our paws on a bunch of the films slated for this year's BendFilm festival and from what we've seen so far they're pretty darn good.

Over the course of the next two weeks (BendFilm starts Oct. 11 and runs through Oct. 14), we'll be running previews of the films that are screening at our local film fest—lucky you! We'll also be posting interviews with filmmakers, clips from their movies, and a full list of all the parties associated with BendFilm.

Now when your friend asks, "what's Cannibals Amongst Us: A True Story* about?" you'll be able to spit out a thoughtful plot synopsis and tell him/her if it's worth seeing or not. 

So check back regularly, look for the BendFilm tag and start getting psyched about movie-watching!

Here's a look at two films we watched this week:

The Ordinary Skier

Let’s be clear: there’s nothing ordinary about Seth Morrison’s skiing. The pioneering freeskier has stomped lines that are almost impossible to comprehend. The title stems from his relatively mundane, middle-class upbringing in the Chicago ‘burbs and how he transitioned from an adventurous little kid into one of the sport’s biggest stars. The 2011 film from Teton Gravity Research also reveals Morrison’s latest undertaking; ski mountaineering in Chamonix, France. All in all, it’s an entertaining bio of Morrison with only limited amounts of ski porn peppered throughout. Documentary, 78min.

Getting Up: The TEMPT ONE Story

Really? Another graffiti artist movie? How are you going to touch the masterful Banksy doc, Exit Through the Gift Shop? Wait! Before you bail on this one, as I almost did, know this—there’s a heart-wrenching twist. In 2003 Tempt One, one of Los Angeles’ most respected street artists, became paralyzed by a degenerative nerve disorder. The film follows friends and family of Tempt One as they endeavor to communicate with him through his eye blinks. The most poignant element of this documentary is when Tempt’s friends make clear that the fancy equipment used by Christopher Reeve and Stephen Hawking are for rich people with insurance—not low-income citizens from L.A. Documentary, 70min.

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*not a real movie.

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