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The BendFilm festival begins Oct. 6. Ahead of the event, the festival asked community members to share their relationship with film.

Ryan Tennant

Job: Starbucks Barista

Bio: Ryan is a recently graduated biology student from the University of Oregon. He is a recently promoted Starbucks shift manager, as well as working with one of his favorite professors doing field research for Oregon Wildlife in Central Oregon.

1. What is your favorite film? Why?

"There Will Be Blood" is one of my favorites because it exemplifies the process of storytelling. The script, along with the cast—particularly Daniel Day-Lewis—build investment in the characters, the story and ends with a brilliant climax. It feels like a complete story ending with the line, "I'm finished!" Beautiful.

2. Why do you feel film is important to the culture of a community?

It is a form of media that can express so many different ideas in so many different ways. It is such a broad art form, anyone can create their own.

3. Who is your favorite film character?

I would say "the funny guy" is my favorite character in any movie. It seems cliché but what's best is when the funny guy is in a serious or scary movie, that's when I identify with them the most. A comedic break can make a movie great even if it's not the main focus.

4. If you could describe your life as a film, which one would it be?

I can't think of one in particular but probably a comedy or romantic comedy starring a Paul Rudd or a Jason Sudeikis type, opposite a girl way out of his league, filled with terrible puns and ending with a dance number that no one wanted but got anyway.

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