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Bend's Dog Parks

By Bella the Dog | As Told to Russ Axon



Hi! My name is Bella. I am a dog! A miniature Australian shepherd dog to be specific. I am 56 years old! (Russ: That's eight in human years.) I have lived in Bend my whole life, and I love it here! The blue sky, the gray grass, the nice people at the toy store who give me snacks and water whenever I visit. It's great!

Still, my favorite thing about Bend has to be the dog parks. There are so many of them! My humans and I like to visit as many as we can, but I definitely have my favorites. I always get extra excited (Russ: read as "uncontrollably whine and pace in the backseat") when we visit these local dog parks.

Riverbend Park

799 Columbia St., Bend

Three Paws!

Riverbend Park is right on the Deschutes River in the Old Mill District. Most of the park is for humans, but there is a one-acre, fenced area just for us dogs. One side is just for small dogs. I cannot go in there, and it makes me sad. But the other side is for big dogs. I always go in there and make lots of friends. That makes me happy again!

It can get very crowded in there, but when it does my humans and I walk along the river instead. I have to wear a leash which is not fun. But I also get to play in the water which is a lot of fun! Sometimes, my humans and I like to go to one of the nearby restaurants after our walk and eat dinner outside. French fries that fall on the ground are my favorite!

I wish it was bigger so I could run faster and give the other dogs space. But I like how close it is to the water. And my humans like how close it is to our home.

Ponderosa Park

225 SE 15th St., Bend

Three Paws!

There's a lot for dogs to do here! The dog park is three acres and fenced. The grassy part is for the small dogs. They like to run up and down the little hill there. It looks like fun! But I like to run in the big dog area. When I first go in, there are huge trees and a small hill to run around. It is like being in a forest! Then I like to run to the back where there is a big hill with lots of trails and bushes and dirt and rocks! My humans and I like to walk around this park lots and lots of times until I am exhausted.

I do not always meet a lot of other dogs at this park, but the ones I do meet are very friendly. I also like to go up to the fence and bark at the skateboarders next to us. They move so fast, so I have to remind them to slow down!

My paws and fur always get dirty when I visit this park, but that doesn't bother me! I like exploring the different terrain. I always discover something new here.

Pine Nursery Park

3750 NE Purcell Blvd., Bend

Four Paws!

This is my favorite dog park in the whole, cone-shaped world! Whenever we visit, my humans and I walk by lots of people playing weird human sports, like lacrosse, pickleball or disc golf. There's even a small pond which I always want to swim in but my humans never let me.

It's OK though, because I always have fun at the dog park! It is gigantic: 16 acres filled with everything I dream about! There is a grassy field where I and other dogs like to play our canine sports, like catch, fetch and get the ball. There is a trail area that I always explore. And there are water fountains shaped like fire hydrants so I can keep cool and hydrated between all the running I get to do.

There are always lots of other dogs to meet. And lots of humans who will pet me. Once I meet everyone, though, I can always find a good spot for my humans and I to play without the other dogs getting in the way.

There is so much to do at this park! I always leave happy and very tired! If I could give it two thumbs up, I would! But I do not have thumbs. So I will give it four out of four paws!

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