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Bend's Police Chief, Sandi Baxter, to Retire

After more than 30 years with the department, Bend Police Chief Sandi Baxter announces retirement.



After more than two years as the head of the Bend Police Department and 34 years with the department, Police Chief Sandi Baxter announced today that she will be retiring this summer.

Baxter has been with the department since 1977 and retired briefly in 2007 before coming back to the force when she was appointed chief in April of 2008. She is set to retire on June 30 of this year.

“My career with the Bend Police Department has been truly rewarding and memorable. I leave behind a staff of skilled and dedicated employees who will continue to provide exceptional police services to the citizens of Bend. I look forward to my second retirement!” said Baxter in a press release.

City Manager Eric King said that the city will hold an "open recruitment" to find a replacement for Baxter.

Photo: Dustin Mitsch/Alpen Exposure

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