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Bend's SuperRad Weekend of Music: Larry and His Flask, Straight No Chaser, That 1 Guy

This weekend is looking huge on the live music front.



Yeah, I know. It’s Pole Pedal Paddle weekend. But it’s also SuperRad™ May Music Weekend. So if you’d rather go out and see music than ski, bike, run, kayak and then ride a hoverboard to the finish line (or maybe you like to do all this AND see live music) here are some pointers.

Friday night, Larry and His Flask are playing at the Domino Room with Mosley Wotta and other bands. It’s actually all ages, which means if you were too young to see some of the band’s recent bar gigs (including the now infamous Silver Moon show), this is your chance. And even if you are of age and consider yourself a local music fan, you must see this band. They’ll make your weekend. I promise.

Also on Friday night is the CD release party for Moon Mountain Ramblers guitarist and vocalist Matthew “Mai” Hymen at the Silver Moon. His disc, Restless, is an excellent sampling of Americana sounds and at this show he’ll be joined by members of the Ramblers.

Saturday night, after you show off your adventure sport prowess, you can catch the a cappella wonderment of Straight No Chaser – a group that began at Indiana University but soon became an Internet sensation who will be playing at the Tower Theatre. This is what the Nard Dog would be doing if he could have kept Here Comes Treble together.

If a cappella ain’t your thing (which it easily may not be), head to the Bendistillery Martini Bar where Mr. Gone, Bassghost and Sorski are celebrating Hip Hop Week with an event called Temple of Hip Hop. All they’re asking is for a mere $2 donation.

Sunday won’t be the end of the SuperRad™ May Music Weekend, because That 1 Guy is playing at the Silver Moon. If you don’t know who That 1 Guy is, here’s a basic description: He plays a wild-ass looking instrument called a Magic Pipe that he made on his own and generally rocks the faces off of people.

Oh, remember to stretch before you head out there this weekend. Don’t want to pull an eardrum or something.

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