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In a time when COVID-19 keeps popping its ugly head up and down around the globe, health care practitioners of every stripe have found themselves adapting in new and different ways in order to help their patients. That's definitely the case at Hawthorn Healing Arts Center, where a team of naturopathic physicians, acupuncturists, massage therapists, Chinese medicine practitioners, non-traditional counselors and others have been exploring new ways to help patients recover from COVID, along with their primary mission of helping promote rejuvenation and overall vitality.

  • Daniel Robbins

Joshua and Chelsea Phillips, both naturopaths, opened the clinic in its current space on Louisiana Avenue in 2011 after practicing around Bend starting in 2004.

"We are an integrative-style holistic practice, meaning that we lean very much into the roots of naturopathic philosophy," said Joshua Phillips. "Treat the underlying cause, treat holistically, not just symptomatically... but we're also integrative in the sense that we lean into conventional medicine. We're doing conventional lab workups and functional medicine laboratory workups and prescribing conventional medications when it's the right thing to do."

Telemedicine became more of a focus at the advent of the current pandemic, and now, the clinic is finding success in helping patients with COVID "long-haul" symptoms, Phillips said. The clinic's hyperbaric chamber has been a helpful addition for those with brain injuries, but also those who've had COVID.

  • Daniel Robbins

"Particularly with late COVID symptoms—post infection and months later, people still recovering and still having shortness of breath, tachycardia, fatigue, headaches, it seems to be really helpful for," Phillips said. Along with other therapies, Phillips said he's been seeing success with COVID patients, keeping them out of the hospital and allowing them to recover at home.

Whether it's for acute care or long-term primary care, readers have embraced Hawthorn Healing Arts as their choice for Best Alternative Health Clinic in 2021!

Hawthorn Healing Arts Center
39 NW Louisiana Ave., Bend
Location Details Hawthorn Healing Arts Center
39 NW Louisiana Ave.
Bend, OR
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Second place: Pangea Chiropractic

Location Details Pangea Chiropractic
409 NE Greenwood Ave., Suite 120
Midtown/Orchard District
Bend, OR
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