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Best Bar and Best Music Venue in Redmond

General Duffy's

General Duffy's is more than just a bar and a stage, it's a gathering place for the community. The taphouse at the center offers a wide selection of beers and ciders, and the food trucks outside offer delicious Asian, Italian and traditional American foods. During the pandemic, General Duffy's built a stage, adding a whole new aspect to the watering hole.

Best Bar and Best Music Venue in Redmond
Courtesy General Duffy's

"Thursday, we usually do more of a local band for free for our community. Fridays and Saturdays, we're trying to bring in a little bit bigger bands," said Susan Robertson, who co-owns General Duffy's with her husband and son.

The extra space gives the bar greater ability to host events, like Saturday markets featuring local artisans, line dancing classes and cornhole tournaments that fundraise for local charities—and of course, live music, with many shows planned throughout each month. The lineup in August included alt rockers Everclear, country music star Ian Munsick, bluegrass darlings Stillhouse Junkies and more.

Best Bar and Best Music Venue in Redmond
Courtesy General Duffy's

"So much of what we do is community service, and that's one thing we consider ourselves driven by is the community service, making our communities benefit from us being here," Robertson said. "That's why we say we're more than a tap house, because the tap house is really a very small part of what we do."
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General Duffy's Waterhole

404 SW Forest Avenue, Redmond Redmond


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