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I always need a bonus destination when I walk somewhere. If I walk the First Street Rapids trail, I'm more likely than not going to end up at McKay Cottage for breakfast. If I walk through the Old Mill to go to a movie, I always end up with a coffee from Strictly Organic. But if I'm out and about before 1pm, the only destination I need is Burrito Sunrise. I thought I knew what a breakfast burrito was supposed to taste like, but the Sunrise rises like a phoenix from all the other breakfast burritos to make something...dare I say, downright addictive.

  • Darris Hurst

So, what's the secret? Why are most breakfast burritos just a pale comparison to Burrito Sunrise? Owner and Chef Supreme Devin Kennedy explains, "My main gripe with most breakfast burritos is that your average ones are too dry and potato-heavy. Most of the time the potatoes are uncared for as well. They're mixed up carelessly and pushed out the window. My method is distinct layers that let ingredients speak for themselves. Moist and consistent."

The hardest part for me is deciding between "The Hog" (perfectly grilled ham, bacon, eggs and cheese) and the "Chorizo" (for my money, the best chorizo I've had in Central Oregon). They're perfect; what else is there to add? Kennedy has one last thing: "I want to thank the great people of Bend for fueling the breakfast burrito revolution!" Well said.

  • Darris Hurst

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Location Details Burrito Sunrise
67 NW Greenwood Ave
Bend, OR
7am-1pm Tue-Sat
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Location Details Los Jalapeños Taqueria
Los Jalapeños Taqueria
601 NE Greenwood Ave.
Midtown/Orchard District
Bend, OR
Mon-Fri 7am-8:30pm, Sat 7:30am-5pm
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