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Best Children's Optometrist

Best of the Nest: Dr. Gabby Marshall, Elemental Eyecare


  • Natalie Stephenson

Dr. Gabby Marshall

1. Why did you decide to specialize in treating children?
I realized that although I completely and thoroughly love everything about being an optometrist, the best part was helping kids. Not everyone likes to have kids in their office all day long, but since I enjoy it, I decided to make a special place for kids in Bend. The decision also allowed me to focus on my ongoing education in developmental vision and be the best I can be in the area.

2. What are some of the challenges involved in working with young patients? Modifying tests to make sure they are appropriate and engaging for different ages. We try very hard to provide a low stress and caring environment for both children and their parents. The bouncy balls and monkeys help a lot.

3. What should parents watch out for when it comes to their children's vision? The biggest reason to have an eye exam is to make sure your child is performing to their potential. Even if a child has no symptoms, they can still have a serious vision or eye health problem. That is exactly why we recommend annual wellness eye exams for children.  You can't see what they see.

4. Do you really do eye exams for babies? How do they respond? Yes, we really do. We recommend the first wellness eye exam between six and nine months of age. This is perfect timing to make sure baby's eyes are developing appropriately and we can check for any "red flags" that may impact proper visual development and eye health. It is an easy exam for the baby, and don't worry, they don't remember the "drops."

Elemental Eyecare
2736 NW Crossing Drive, Suite 120, Bend
Mon., Wed., Thurs., 9am-6pm Tues., 9am-5pm

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