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Best Day Camp for Older Kids

Best of the Nest: High Desert Museum


  • Natalie Stephenson

Carolyn Nesbitt, Curator of Education

1. How did you come up with the idea of a day camp for kids?
We wanted to offer local families, especially our members, a way to engage with the Museum in more meaningful ways. Camp themes connect to the Museum's mission and exhibitions, giving kids the opportunity to delve deeper than they could by visiting an exhibit or attending a workshop. Spending a week on a theme gives our instructors the opportunity to build upon each day's experiences.     

2. What sort of activities take  place?
With themes that range from local geology to the "science of yuck," the activities in each camp are diverse! This is great for kids who enjoy attending several camps at the Museum throughout the summer. This summer, the oldest age group can enroll in themes that range from exploring careers working with animals to how to survive in the High Desert. 

3. What do you hope kids take away from this experience?
For some campers, it's about taking a deep dive into a topic that they really enjoy, while for others, it's about having a memorable experience with friends. Whatever their motivation, we hope kids leave with a better understanding of the unique place in which we live and a closer connection to its history, culture, wildlife and people. We want them to leave feeling curious to continue to explore and, of course, with memories of having had a great time with new friends.

4. Describe a typical day at camp.
While each day is unique, they include Museum exploration, animal interaction and outside play. Many Museum exhibits and summer programs link directly to camp themes, so exploring permanent and temporary exhibits—in addition to special wildlife programs such as Desert Dwellers and Raptors of the Desert Sky—are great additions to classroom activities.  

High Desert Museum Day Camps
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