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Best Fine Dining (Sisters)

Jen's Garden

Like many businesses in Sisters, the quality and sophistication at Jen's Garden far outpaces what is commonly expected in a small town. One of the finest and best-thought-out restaurants in Central Oregon, if not the state, Jen's Garden nestles cozily into two rooms of a French country house—and, of course, spills over into a comfortable outdoor space, the "garden" in the namesake. The food is consistently succulent and detailed, with homemade maple syrups drizzled on halibut cheeks with, of course, home-cured bacon chunks and, generally, a menu drawing inspiration from French cuisine. But its also open-minded and versatile enough to consider decadent and clever options, like summer salad piled with crispy bites of asparagus and plump snap peas, and salmon-cured wontons. The wine list is a well-curated collection of hardy French selections, Australian Malbecs and Willamette Valley pinot noirs. Berets off to Jen! (PB)

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