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etting in the ideal workout doesn't have to be as infrequent as the moon blocking the sun. In Bend, exercise, health and wellness come as a top priority. We love yoga, we love ballet barre, we love Pilates and we love combining all of our favorite workouts to strengthen our entire bodies. Barre3 blends the best of all of our favorite workouts to make us stronger — both inside and out.

It's no surprise that Barre3 shines brightest as Bend's Best Fitness Studio. Rooted in the disciplines of ballet barre, yoga and Pilates, Barre3 focuses on strengthening the cores of Bendites, as well as building lean muscles and providing long-term postural benefits. While you may come to a Barre3 class decked out in yoga clothes, you'll reap more benefits that the typical yoga class.

After attending a class at Barre3, you'll wonder where some of these muscles that feel sore even came from. Muscles in your shoulder blades, muscles in your legs, muscles on the sides of your hips. Did you even know these muscles existed? It's the kind of sore that makes you say, "It hurts so good!"


70 SW Century Dr., Bend.


2nd Place Juniper Swim & Fitness Center