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Best Gift Store

1st place | ju-bee-lee

For a small space, ju-bee-lee is a big store—not necessarily in size, but in variety, quality and heart. The little shop opened up in April of 2013 and has quickly established itself as a favorite around town. However you came to hear about it, you're sure to find something to fawn over inside.

When you take a peek at the selection, it's no mystery how ju-bee-lee won this year's "best gift shop" category. You can find stationery, jewelry, home decor, books... basically, something for every man, woman and child who walks in. There's a lot of variety, but everything ties together without looking crowded or random.

Kirsten Gilreath, owner of ju-bee-lee, says her method for choosing what items to stock is not complicated; she simply wants the contents of the store to invoke inspiration and creativity. "If it speaks to my soul," she says, "it probably speaks to someone else's." Gilreath speaks very highly of her team, which is in part responsible for the delightful atmosphere inside. Next time you find yourself in downtown Bend, invite yourself in.


903 NW Wall St, Bend


2nd Place: Pomegranate Home & Garden

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