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Food & Drink » Chow

Best Go-To's for Going Out

With friends and family rolling in, here's some top picks for quenching your thirst



Got friends or family in town? (In the summer, who doesn't?!) Need a new place to drown your sorrows or impress a date? Never fear—this handy go-to guide is here.

The Spot for Girls Night Out


Girls just want to have fun—but finding the perfect spot for beverages and bites when your eclectic crew finally breaks free for some fun can be tricky. Sip wins the award for being the perfect place to kick up your heels—stilettos or sneakers will do just fine— while you and the ladies work your way through a selection of wine from the Northwest and around the world. Keep the buzz at bay with an assortment of small plates (who can resist cambozola-stuffed dates?) or finish your night off with a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich. Note: every Wednesday night is ladies night, so you can raise your glass again and again and still save your pennies.

Sip Wine Bar

1366 NW Galveston Ave., Bend


The Go-To for Guys Night Out

Stihl Whiskey Bar

Go beyond beer for your next dude-bro gathering. With an atmosphere that's classy but relaxed, everyone can feel at ease while choosing from over 200 types of whiskey. Try one of their suggested selections (Glenfiddich 18, Angel's Envy Rye or Bulleit Bourbon), or take a chance on something you've never heard of.

Big appetites call for big dishes, and that's where the hand-cut top sirloin— an 8-ounce R Ranch sirloin with garlic balsamic green beans, mushrooms, fried shallots and mashed potatoes—comes in. Or, order up the Stihl grilled cheese and compare notes with the ladies at the end of the night (See our choice for Girls Night Out).

The Stihl Whiskey Bar

550 NW Franklin Ave Suite 118, Bend


The Spot for First Dates

Dogwood Cocktail Cabin

If you aren't sure what's gonna heat up your newest flame, The Dogwood Cocktail Cabin is a near-guarantee for an out-of-the-park first date. With artful cocktails, whiskey, beer and wine to choose from, you'll be able to claim you knew just what they wanted. The food menu is just as diverse, with tasty items that include smoked chicken enchiladas, Banh mi sandwich bites, and blue cheese and brie fondue, among other items. The romance doesn't have to end when the food is gone, either; Dogwood offers live entertainment for added fun that lasts well into the night.

The Dogwood Cocktail Cabin

147 NW Minnesota Ave., Bend


Your Go-To for Recovering From a Broken Heart

The Summit Saloon

It's happened to all of us at least once or twice. Sometimes you get dumped; sometimes you do the dumping—but either way, recovering from a broken heart is hard. When you finally give in to your friends' constant entreaties for a night on the town, The Summit Saloon is the place to go. This laidback pub offers a relaxed, no-fuss atmosphere and 16 draft beers to numb your pain. If that doesn't do the trick, try one of their cocktails. If you prefer to soothe yourself with food, the pub fare doesn't disappoint. Order up a classic Philly or indulge in the buffalo style burger. If you go on a Thursday night, you might even get some laughs in watching live comedy, and on the weekends—with a little liquid courage—you could find yourself on the dance floor where you have a chance of meeting your very first post-breakup date.

The Summit Saloon

125 NW Oregon Ave., Bend


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