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  • Anne Pick

In Bend, it's typical to hear someone mutter, "Doesn't anyone work in this town?" Well, friend, why live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth if you're going to sit in an office all day? Many Bendites have found ways to make a living without working a traditional 9 to 5 desk job. Many of us have taken to the remote working lifestyle, which allows us to catch a tourist-free ride at Phil's during the middle of the day, go to yoga, float the river while responding to emails and enjoy the bliss that is Bend. 

What's the best job to have if you don't want to work regular hours or really that much at all? Freelancing.

Over the last several years, co-working spaces have popped up throughout town, including BendTech, 9th Street Village Co-Working and tenthirty coworking, to name a few. Those opting out of a desk space find their remote office where the wind blows them — at Spoken Moto, Crow's Feet Commons or Strictly Organic on Bond. You name the coffee shop, odds are there's a flock of coworkers camped out on a daily basis.  

Ditching the constraints of a full-time gig has made for happier, healthier Bendites. When you want to live in Bend but don't really want to work that much, become a freelancer, doing jobs such as writing, web developer, graphic designer, realtor or jobs for other formerly lost souls escaping office life to pursue their passion. Sound great? It totally is, minus not having health insurance, that is.

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