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Tracee Tuesday

It's inching close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit when I meet Tracee Tuesday outside of the Bend Radio Group offices for this interview. (Check out our video version in the online version of this story!) I'd love to be inside, out of this sun, chatting with her at the mic as she assembles her show—but alas, COVID. As she greets me, she goes in for a hug, but then, again, COVID. Try meeting this bubbly, infectiously friendly radio personality and not wanting to give her a hug. I really don't know that anyone can pull that off.

Fans of Tracee Tuesday know her as "your best girlfriend" on the air from noon to 5 pm weekdays (and Saturdays) on Power 94, but she can also be found at The Mix 100.7, and as a TV personality on the local CW channel. Tracee says she loves bringing people the tunes they love, while also helping them stay informed about what's going on around Central Oregon.

Best Local Radio Personality
Darris Hurst

With 20 years in the biz, Tracee, who grew up in the Bay Area, was on the air in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and even Omaha before landing in Central Oregon eight years ago. Doing radio and TV isn't the only thing on her plate, however; she's also a Big Sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Oregon program, and volunteers at the library, reading to kids. Upon hearing she'd won Best Radio Personality for a second time (she also won in 2018), she extended a big "thank you!" to all of her listeners and fans.

So now—the question everyone wants to ask a radio DJ: What's her favorite hype song on Power 94 right now?

"Definitely 'WAP' from Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion!" she enthusiastically exclaims—while also rattling off a list of other songs she's hyped on. I kinda stopped listening. She had me at Cardi B.

Tracee Tuesday
Weekdays Noon-5pm & Saturdays, 94.1FM
Weekdays 8-9pm for the '80s at 8, Mix 100.7

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