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Dandy’s Drive-In is a Bend staple, slinging burgers, fries and milkshakes via roller-skated carhops since 1968. Bend has changed a lot in that time, but Dandy’s hasn’t; the classic ‘60s feel is a big draw for the business. 

  • Daniel Robbins

“We haven’t changed things since 1968. We have the same old-fashioned aspect to it. Between the roller skating carhops, the same menu, smiling faces, I would say that’s what makes Dandy’s, Dandy’s,” said Noelle Ensz, general manager. “It’s really cool to hear so many customers who will come back in and when they’re eating, they say, ‘Hey, I used to work here 30 years ago, and you guys kept it the same!’”

  • Daniel Robbins

Dandy’s doesn’t just offer up nostalgia, though. In June, “Readers Digest” rated it the best burger in Oregon, and of course there are the 24 flavors of milkshake, each of which can be combined with another. A May 2021 Source Weekly article rated the multitude of choices, finding nearly each of them to be delicious. And this year, we’ve rolled out the new category of Best Milkshake—a category that Dandy’s was born to win. 

  • Daniel Robbins

“I’d say our most popular, of course classics, right now our most popular during the summer is always fresh strawberry. That one’s going to be hard to beat, that one’s a classic. Of course, chocolate and vanilla, Oreos all are some of our best sellers, fresh banana. I’d say a personal favorite that’s underrated is peanut butter Oreo,” Ensz said.

FIRST PLACE: Dandy's Drive-In

Location Details Dandy’s Drive-in
Dandy’s Drive-in
1334 NE Third St.
Midtown/Orchard District
Bend, OR
Mon-Sat 10:30am-7pm
Drive-In, Burger Joint, Casual American, Lunch Spots, Best Burgers and Breakfast & Lunch Guide

SECOND PLACE:  Bend Burger Company

Location Details Bend Burger Company
1939 NE 3rd St.
Midtown/Orchard District
Bend, OR
11am-9pm Mon-Sat
Casual American, Burger Joint and Breakfast & Lunch Guide
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