Best Novelty Gift Store 2015 | Wabi Sabi | Shopping | Bend

Wabi Sabi is a feverish dream, a kaleidoscope of Japanese-inspired toys and seriously silly games, like the popular kendama, a ball-and-cup game that seems deceptively simple, that is, until it is attempted. The store, in general, serves as a portal to an entire culture and history.

Wabi Sabi sprung six years ago from the brain of Barb Campbell, a former middle school science teacher who currently sits on the Bend City Council and provides that same individualized attention to individuals that she does in her store. During the recent debates about expanding the Civil Exclusion Zone, Campbell spoke up to protect the individuals who were being targeted by the police, even though she is the only councilor with a business within the Civil Exclusion Zone and one of the most directly affected by crime downtown.

From origami to palm reading classes, Campbell makes sure that the store is dynamic and entertaining, while always evolving. Right on the main drag, it is truly a trip into a different universe. (PB)

2nd place

powell's sweet shop

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