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Best Place for a Sweet Treat - Bonta Gelato



Best Place for a Sweet Treat - Bonta Gelato

Juli Labhart, Co-Owner

Jeff and Juli Labhart and family at Bonta Gelato's downtown location. - DARRIS HURST
  • Darris Hurst
  • Jeff and Juli Labhart and family at Bonta Gelato's downtown location.

What makes Bonta so popular?

It always surprises me, to be honest. At our first Bite of Bend event, we sold out the first night. Then we did the farmers market and that surprised me. I think it's because what we do is good and solid. Too, I think this community is really supportive of local businesses.

How long has Bonta been in Bend?

We started in May of 2011. In addition to the downtown scoop shop, we have a tasting area in the front part of our creamery on Wilson. There are also scooping cabinets at Jackson's Corner and Active Culture and one at Market of Choice.

Why is Bonta especially appealing for families with kids?

I'm not sure! We offer dairy free options, and we do try to be conscious of allergens. We make a good, solid product that isn't full of junk. I don't spend a lot of time creating crazy flavors. We have a great chocolate, a great strawberry...Everyone can find something they will enjoy.

Is Bonta an eco-friendly business?

We do encourage a lot of sampling, so our sample spoons are stainless, and our to-go spoons are compostable. The hard part is finding a good degradable container that won't get too soft. Customers have said they send their kids' lunches in our plastic containers, which have a snap-on lid. One woman told me she drilled holes in the bottom of the cups and used them for plant starters, with the lids on the bottom to catch the water. She said half her greenhouse is Bonta containers!

Will we see Bonta at any markets or festivals in the spring?

We will be at the downtown and Northwest Crossing farmers markets when the weather gets warm. We love seeing the same familiar faces there week after week. We also have a mobile truck we use for special events in the summer, a vintage, 1957 Metro Harvester. It's really fun for weddings and other special occasions.

Bonta Gelato
920 NW Bond St #108, Bend

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