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Best Learning Specialist - Sylvan Learning Center, Audra Bohn, Director



Best Learning Specialist - Sylvan Learning Center, Audra Bohn, Director

  • Natalie Stephenson

Can you describe in a nutshell how Sylvan helps students to succeed?

Our guiding philosophy is that every student can learn, and that each student learns differently. We have only expert teachers, trained to be successful with students. Many other tutoring centers utilize grad students who have the knowledge but maybe not the teaching skill. All of our tutors are licensed teachers.

Could you share some general tips for good study habits?

The best thing, especially in today's climate, is to have a routine, together with a designated study environment, a quiet space without distractions—a specific schedule for each day, and sticking to it.

The current school year certainly has brought some major new challenges for teachers and students. How has Sylvan helped families to adapt?

We have re-invented ourselves a few times this year. I want to give a lot of tribute to our staff members who have worked so hard to meet all of the new needs. Every family wants something different. We provide online options, social distancing options for in-person learning, and in-home tutoring. A new program we are offering, at a fraction of the typical cost, is to come to our building to study. We are able to offer that dedicated space, with oversight and personal support.

Are there any changes brought about by the pandemic that you feel will remain a permanent addition to your services?

Yes, I'm pretty sure all of them, due to the fact that families' needs have changed. Other than temperature checks and plexiglass, some of the safety measures, all of it will remain. In-home tutoring is the biggest added service.

What do you think made Sylvan the top choice for families this year?

We are the best! We have been here over 40 years. Our teachers have established great reputations. We have long-term clients bringing their own children here. It's our dedicated staff, and our willingness to adapt to changing needs.

Sylvan Learning Center
2150 NE Studio Rd., Ste. 10, Bend

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