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I know, right? "Best Paleo" and "Best Vegan/Vegetarian" would seem to be miles apart in terms of the types of establishments that would shine in either category. Yet, Laughing Planet does both exceptionally well.

When you break down the paleo diet — dubbed the "caveman diet" because of its emphasis on eating a heavy amount of proteins, very few carbs and sticking to whole, unprocessed foods — it's actually a perfect complement to the veggie bowls and salads that populate Laughing Planet's tasty menu. In fact, it is technically possible to follow a paleo diet as a vegetarian (albeit, it's a little harder to pull off, but a quick Google search turns up blog after blog of people doing it successfully).

  • Daniel Robbins

Both diets exalt clean, whole and unprocessed foods as the basis of what humans are designed to eat. Laughing Planet cafes offer affordable burritos, bowls, salads and soups that feature ingredients from local farms — crafted to be jam-packed with nutritious ingredients, presented in the simplest way possible.

Even if whole foods aren't your top concern when choosing a place to eat out, Laughing Planet's Killer Green Sauce will turn even the most skeptical foodie's head.

Laughing Planet is celebrating its fifth year in Bend. CEO Franz Spielvogel says he's very grateful to the support of the community and that the win is a testament to the flexibility and accessibility of their menu.

  • Daniel Robbins

"We operate with the mindset that we are a community resource—we are part of the fabric," says Spielvogel. "But more importantly, we have always wanted to keep our food accessible to all by pricing our food fairly while using the best, locally sourced ingredients possible."

1st Place: Best Paleo & Best Vegan/Vegetarian

Location Details Laughing Planet
913 NE Third St.
Midtown/Orchard District
Bend, OR
Daily 11am-8pm
Eclectic, Vegetarian/Vegan, Breakfast & Lunch Guide, New American and Lunch Spots

2nd Place: Best Paleo

Location Details Active Culture
285 NW Riverside Blvd
Old Bend
Bend, OR
Mon-Fri 11am-6pm, Sat-Sun 9am-8pm
Lunch Spots, Casual American, Vegetarian/Vegan and Breakfast & Lunch Guide
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