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Most people who've spent any time hiking trails around Bend, or taking their kids to school, or just walking down the sidewalk have seen them: black plastic bags filled with dog excrement left lying about like a nightmarish version of an Easter egg hunt.

  • Suzanne Johnson

Maybe the bags are left around because people forget them. You're hiking, your dog squats, you do almost the right thing...but then there they sit, near the trail, waiting for millennia for the plastic to finally decompose. Maybe it's because although the dog's owner doesn't want to leave the poop on the trail, they don't want to carry it with them. Or maybe they're just lazy.

Which brings us to the crux—what to do with your dog's poo.

If you're going to bag it, take it with you and put it in a place that will end up in the landfill. Or, if you're more than 100 yards from a water source, dig a hole, push the pile of poop into the hole and cover it with dirt. It will decompose, no one will step in it, and it's one less plastic bag sitting in the dump.

And let's be real, even though the bags o' poop are disgusting, it's still better than stepping in Fido's waste, then tromping around all day with stink foot.

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