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Best Seasonal Beer

1st place | Deschutes Brewery x 3

One beer is a good start and a pair is even better — but everyone knows that three of a kind is the way to go. Deschutes Brewery is holding that winning hand with its seasonal offerings: Red Chair NWPA, Jubelale and Twilight Summer Ale.

Packing a variety of malts with a small punch of hops, Red Chair – this year's winner for Best Seasonal Beer — is different from other pale ales. This copper-bodied brew is surprisingly complex, with floral notes and a pleasant citrus finish typically found in IPAs.

The popular Jubelale– tied for 2nd place — gets better every year. Nothing warms up the body quite like the roasty and spicy notes in this winter ale. The dark body, hoppy finish and colorful new label — courtesy of local artist Taylor Rose — all make this brew an annual tradition.

Twilight Summer Ale – also tied for 2nd — offers a winning combination of malts and hops. This golden-bodied ale is crisp and refreshing, with a tasty mix of citrus and grapefruit flavors. (Hopefully, it'll be back on the brewing schedule in the future.)

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