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Better Living Through Music: Shabazz Palaces



Whose snake is this?
  • Patrick O'Brien Smith/Sub Pop
  • Whose snake is this?

A few Source staffers were cold chillin' downtown last weekend and were privy to a boatload of Digable Planets getting pipped in over the soundsystem. Good times, right?

But it just made us curious about what Butterfly, one of the group's MCs, was up to. In 2011, the rapper resurfaced as Palaceer Lazaro—one half of Seattle's Shabbaz Palaces. However abstract, Digable was pereicved to be, his re-emergence was simply bizarre: cyborg-beats and a stilted delivery. It was hard to turn off, though.


Over the weekend, the Stranger's Larry Mizell Jr. posted a cut off a new Shabazz Palaces project. And "They Come in Gold" is still weird. But like, good-weird.

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