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Bingeworthy: October Spookiness

Feminist horror, the gods of America and the profoundly profane



Another week means another look at all the new and upcoming things that I think are downright neato. Yeah, I'm bringing neato back.

In Pod We Trust:


f you feel like getting a little bit sociological with your October frights, the podcast, "Bloody Mary," is an interesting place to start. There's a false narrative that most women don't enjoy horror movies, so host Kristin Lytie pushes back against that belief by examining feminism, sexuality and gender roles in what is typically a genre in which women get brutalized. In the most recent episode, Lytie and guest discuss Brian De Palma's 1973 shocker "Sisters"—one not to miss.

Sometimes true stories are much more frightening than anything Hollywood can cook up, as the newish podcast, "Cults," reminds us. The episode focusing on the Heaven's Gate mass suicide makes for a timely reminder that New Age spiritualism focused on catching a UFO trailing a comet is never a good idea and will inevitably lead to the drinking of a deadly Kool-Aid of some sort.

"Spooked" is a podcast that doesn't even seem scary at first, but then eventually gets inside your bloodstream and makes everything a little icier. Every episode tackles a supernatural encounter told by the person who experienced it. Probably the creepiest podcast I've heard so far. A perfect place to start disturbing the family this Halloween.

DVD and BLU:


know you won't believe me, but the new Child's Play movie, "The Cult of Chucky," is pretty great. It expands the series and sends it off in a new direction, which could basically keep the franchise going for years to come. Since the Chucky movies have been one of the most consistently entertaining horror franchises, this can only be a good thing. With this and "Annabelle: Creation," who knew that 2017 would breathe new life into the killer doll genre?

On Oct. 17 we also get the breezy "Spider-Man: Homecoming" and the mercurial first season of "American Gods." Seriously, if you missed the show while it was airing, then you missed the weirdest, wildest show on television. "American Gods" bounces between the profane and the profound with an almost effortless ease. In a fair world, this show should be as big as "The Walking Dead" or "Game of Thrones."



he new Netflix Original cartoon "Big Mouth" is absolutely adorable, with the irreverence of "Family Guy," but also a great big nerdy heart like "Bob's Burgers." This is probably the most simply entertaining show Netflix has put out since "GLOW."

If we're sticking with the creepy theme though, the new last season of "American Horror Story," "Roanoke," has finally been added. It's the absolute definition of binge-worthy as the creators finally take the anthology concept deep into the heart of the horror genre. This is probably the best season of the show since "Asylum," although I do have a soft spot in my heart for "Hotel."

Enjoy the spookiness, Central Oregon!

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