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The Historic District of Bend comes with many pros—being within walking distance to downtown and the Old Mill District and having a quaint charm. However, many residents often experience trials when trying to update their home or tear down an old shed, as there are strict City code requirements set in place for historical preservation.

Many readers may know that the Source has been dealing with our own Historic District saga, as a neighboring shack turned from a squatters dream to a half million dollar home, which we wrote about recently in, "This Is What Infill Can Look Like."

To help motivate buyers the realtors of this new home hired a drone photographer Ross Chandler, of Chandler Photography, to capture images of the house and show prospective lookers just how ideal the location is.

While taking photos with drones is relatively common, we have been intrigued with recent drone technology expansion and the future of the industry. You can read more about it in the recent article, "Tested in Central Oregon."

Chandler was nice enough to share the photos he took with the Source. It's pretty neat to get a bird's eye view of the neighborhood and our building. It also looks like we have plenty of room for a rooftop patio for writing breaks...

Take a look at these great shots!

Also, a few low shots of the Source and our new neighbor:

Speaking of...

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