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Board Kills Magnet Reform Effort (12/23):



Are we to continue to use our mistakes to respond to our current problems? Or can we reflect a maturing and practical society by utilizing our precious natural resource of human minds and hearts by making a better choice and making the important small steps of becoming a more responsible and sustainable society. When we marginalize the upper class, making education quality prejudicial, and focusing our sustainability on short-term or in-the-box economics alone we risk the very foundation of our community itself, the empty houses of second home owners and the unavailability of housing markets for the middle and lower class, directly destroy us as a community, taking diversity and a preventing a solution of elevated community relationship and self efficient economic and environmental sustainability. I ask that we take our time to respond to what is most important to us as a maturing and responsible people looking to our most obliviously beneficial future, let's make sure our Bend, Oregon, magnet schools are accessible, and fairly non- prejudicial to reflect our choice of concern for ourselves and each other as a community of the future by representing and advocating for our children now. Thank You.

- Ericka R. Hogg

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