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Bob Saget's New Show is Somehow Incredible

"Strange Days with Bob Saget" on A&E is just absolutely delightful.


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"You're watching a show hosted by Bob Saget in 2010 and it's not America's Funniest Home Videos and it's actually really funny?" asks my 12-year-old self. That is right before his time-traveling head explodes.

Last night, I watched a mini marathon of Strange Days with Bob Saget on A&E, a reality program in which the former Full House star and raunchy stand-up comic immerses himself in odd subcultures for a week. I saw him join a nerdy (like almost-seem-like-robots-because-they're-so-socially inept sort of nerds) fraternity at Cornell (Andy Bernard is, sadly, not in the episode), spend a weekend in Las Vegas with a bachelorette party, serve as a summer camp counselor and get nearly assaulted up by professional wrestlers.

There's no reason this show should work, but it does. And that's because I have a suspicion that Saget is actually a genius. He's hilarious in his commentary and narration, but he seems genuinely interested in his subjects. He even tears up at one point with the camp kids. Add in the fact that his camera crew, who are at times incorporated into the show, look like a gang of street hoods, and you've got an awesome program.

And to think that this guy also fathered the Olsen, what an American hero.

photo courtesy of A&E.



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