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Bombs Away Boneyard

Limited release Boneyard collaboration celebrates Widmer's 30th anniversary



Thanks largely to the runaway success of RPM, Boneyard has never gotten around to offering small packaging. They only keg. What will likely surprise most Boneyard fans is that they actually make other beer styles. Styles that are not IPA (gasp!) and have occasionally been left out of rotation, so more RPM could be brewed. That is a shame, because they are so much more than a one-trick pony.

With Widmer celebrating 30 years of brewing, it is not surprising they decided to kick off a collaboration series by adding Boneyard's psychobilly flavor to Widmer's tame reputation. The resulting Black IPA is much more Boneyard than Widmer, and they made no attempt at re-creating a traditional style.

Blacklight IPA offers something for every palate. It's hop-forward with both citrus and pine characteristics. Roasted malt is present but it doesn't show a lot of coffee or chocolate. Though billed as a session beer, it qualifies only in alcohol level (4.2% ABV). The flavors—and the hefty price tag, $8.49 for 22oz—are far too bold to drink more than one.

This black IPA is great with grilled red meat, like burgers or steaks. Blacklight is definitely worth a try and would be a great way to celebrate dusting off your grill. Finally, Boneyard beer that isn't poured from a growler!

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