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The King of Kindergarten

by Derrick Barnes illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton

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Be the King of Kindergarten and surround your day with shapes, the alphabet and new stories. Barnes's latest picture book depicts a young boy's first day of kindergarten.  He is the King of Kindergarten from the moment he wakes up to his full day of school and back home again. He is growing up and ready to meet his new teacher and make new friends. "The day will be one you'll never forget."  Award-winning author, Barnes, reminds the reader how important it is to share, imagine and play with a new friend. Brantley-Newton's colorful illustrations are a welcoming introduction to the first day of school. The amazing details on each page are filled with joy, including a family pancake breakfast and imaginary play at recess.  Families will appreciate the cheerful day and remember lessons on how to be awesome and kind. Are you ready for kindergarten?  Read aloud this wonderful new picture book during the first month of school.

Because of the Rabbit

by Cynthia Lord

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Am I excited or scared? These are the two things Emma is thinking about before her first day of school. She's pretty sure she will be the only fifth grader at Lakeview Elementary School who's never been to school before. Being homeschooled up until now, Emma listens to her older brother Owen's advice — that the beginning is the hardest and to be yourself. When a rabbit needs rescuing, Emma is happy for the distraction and eagerly goes with her dad, a Maine Game Warden. But when they discover a pet rabbit instead of wild rabbit, Emma has a new friend! She names it Monsieur Lapin, Lapi for short, after her grandfather and his stories. But will making new friends be just as easy? Lord captures the first-day-of-school events perfectly with group projects, a rolling apple at lunch and working hard on school assignments. Will Emma navigate her way through the long days and say the right things at school? With rabbit tips at the beginning of each chapter, Lord delivers a heartfelt story about school friendships and family. Recommended for grades 3 and up.

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