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Fly with Me: A Celebration of Birds Through Pictures, Poems and Stories

by Jane Yolen, Heidi Stemple, Adam Stemple and Jason Stemple.

Do you have a favorite bird song or poem?  Yolen's collaboration with her adult children and National Geographic is a beautiful combination of interesting facts, delightful poetry and amazing photographs.  From bird definitions, anatomy, eggs, beaks and more, readers will be excited to flap their wings and discover something new! Do you know your state bird? An amazing "State Birds" section is included with a United States map followed by full photographed pages of each bird.  A wonderful celebration, perfect for the whole family to read aloud. Answer fun questions about birds, dive into the science of birds and explore "Birds in Stories." After reading Yolen's new book, you will be ready for a Bird Party! (poem on p. 181). A "Find Out More" section is included.

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by Caroline Pignat Illustrated by Francois Thisdale

Are you ready to explore nature? Pignat's first poetry book encourages readers to look around while "the sun whispers" and "dancing trees sway."  Acrostic and couplet poems fill the pages describing seasonal experiences. Watch out for creepy-crawly insects, pick as many apples as possible and shiver in the snow surrounded by ice crystals. Thisdale's beautiful illustrations capture each season with bright textured colors in the close up of a leaf, seeds growing in the ground, and birds swooping. Pignat provides wonderful observations of the sounds and movements in nature including a spider web and a busy squirrel. Create your own acrostic poem using the word Spring and find your own Poetree. 

April is National Poetry Month! Discover more poetry books at your local library.

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