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Boys & Girls Club of Bend: The unfortunate fallout from the Aug. flood

Staggeringly, The Boys & Girls Club remains exposed.


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Remember that freak hail/rain storm back on Aug. 4? As you may know, a lot of that water found its way into the Boy & Girls Club of Bend, which while undergoing a roof replacement, was left uncovered that night. Tons and tons of damage — walls, floors, equipment, etc. Oops. Cue the finger pointing, please.

Anyway, did you know that the Boys & Girls Club STILL has no roof covering it?! The building remains totally exposed to the weather, which is liable to turn at any moment as we enter the fall season in Central Oregon.

Pretty unbelievable, right? Who is is at fault and how the clean-up and restoration efforts will be paid for is unclear. Also unclear is why in holy hell is there (still) no roof on that building?

As the Dude said: "This is a very complicated case, Maude. You know, a lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-you's."

While Maude isn't involved here in Bend, plenty of other parties are, including Bend Parks and Rec. (the landlord of the historic downtown building), as well as the General Contractor, Sub-Contractor and architecture firm involved with the roof project.

Here at the Source we aim to get the bottom of this. And we'll try to answer the question, where's the roof? Check back soon for a complete and in-depth story on this complicated and unfortunate case.

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That's a lot of rainwater, eh?


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