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Brain Man No Die

Morgan P. Salvo's WTF masterpiece rough cut



When asked about the content of Brainman No Die, Morgan P. Salvo (aka, Wayne Newcome) tells me: "It's a horror/slasher/comedy paying homage to the Grade-B driven horror flicks and all the Grade-Z exploitation films of the '60s and '70s. It's basically a twist on the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story with the romance of The Hunchback of Notre Dame plus a little bit of Frankenstein thrown in. It's inspired by the genius of Herschell Gordon Lewis, especially his masterpiece Blood Feast. It's a saga of epic, psychotic proportions."

Shot in San Francisco in 1994, Salvo is screening a rough cut of the film at Volcanic Theatre Pub on June 22 as a 20th anniversary celebration as well as a birthday bash for himself.

Salvo used some interesting methods to get magnum opus. "I cast actors from San Francisco that I had either been involved with in films or plays and we'd start rehearsing and I'd say, 'No, you're acting too good. I don't want you to act that good, I want you to act bad.' I just let people rehearse and know their scenes. Nobody knew the whole movie ever. They still don't. Everybody only knew the scenes they were in."

"I'm showing the 2 ½ hour director's cut. It's still kind of a mess. I would be more than happy to have people look at it and come to me later and say, 'You can get rid of that fucking scene.' It's a Rough Cut What the Fuck Party," Salvo tells me while laughing maniacally.

7 pm. Sun., June 22. Volcanic Theater, 70 SW Century Dr. Free.

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