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Breaking Fast

The Pancake Wagon is now open for breakfast on Colorado Avenue


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Breakfast is a widespread edible favorite among anyone with a palate and a pulse. Too often choices in this morning meal are confined to either a lengthy sit-down session or a drive-through order followed by immediate regret. However, now Bendites have another option. Open for almost three weeks, The Pancake Wagon located on Colorado Avenue, brings a quick choice to the most important meal of the day.  

This alternative eatery offers up classic breakfast items with a delicious flair only chef and co-creator of The Pancake Wagon, Caley Brach, can invent. Yet, it is the unique items offered such as the Original Purrito, a combination of a burrito and a pancake that makes this place worth the trip. The basic concept, if imaginable, is the tortilla (which would be the obvious wrapper) no longer being in the picture. Bam. Gone. Replace the base instead with a country buttermilk pancake and smear the inside with a whipped cream cheese, just enough to use as a binder for the rest of the goodies that will complete this munchable morning medley. Two fresh eggs scrambled together and mixed with crispy bacon becomes the filler and as it is all folded together creating an edible portable wrap. Additional menu items include other Purritos such as the Johnny Jalapeno, which is a Johnny cake (think cornmeal pancake) with jalapeno cream cheese with the egg and bacon scramble.

The Pancake Wagon also has a sweeter side with a Lemon Ricci Purrito, which is full of mixed fruits and a homemade berry chia compote. For those who are more focused on building some muscle along with enhancing a typical morning, the Pancake Wagon offers a Protein Packed Purrito with peanut butter, banana slices and fresh berries. The pancake itself is a well-thought-out formula that has over 21 grams of protein. Side items, both savory and sweet, are also offered on the menu, as well as a variety of toppings including natural syrups and a variety of homemade compotes.  

Brach admits that she could not have done this alone. Co-owner and wife, Basia, has been a constant form of strength and encouragement for the success of the cart. "She works the books, all the backstage stuff," says Caley Brach. "I wouldn't have been able to do it without her." She goes on to discuss how the process of going from a thought in the mind to an actual functioning reality is something that still amazes her. "It's like having a baby, except I can sleep at night," laughs Caley. She returns gratitude and appreciation to her partner assisting in getting the wagon up and running. "There was no way I was ready for an inspection, and thanks to her, I was," she says.  

Caley Brach has worked in a breakfast-based restaurant for a significant portion of her 27 years on this earth and it is admittedly her favorite meal of the day. "Pancakes and breakfast would be my desert island or my last meal option," says Caley Brach. The motto at the wagon is, "I do believe we love breakfast together." Many people will reminisce about Sunday mornings when all the family is joined together at the kitchen table. The smell of pancakes and bacon dominate the atmosphere and all seems well in the world. This I something Brach wanted to emulate. "I want people to want to be here," she says. So far that doesn't appear to be an issue. "Things are going well, we are getting great feedback. Bend is very supportive of small business," smiles Brach. 

 The Pancake Wagon 

834 NW Colorado Ave., Bend 

In the Mountain Supply parking lot  

Wednesday to Sunday, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

Facebook: thepancakewagon

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