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Brewing with Homies

Boneyard's new collaboration promises a delicious double IPA



Boneyard is one of those breweries that, despite its exceptional beer, flies under the radar.

Perhaps it's because Boneyard doesn't bottle its beer and doesn't have the same marquee appearances in grocery store coolers or on bottle shop shelves. Or perhaps it is because the Boneyard brewers/owners refuse to toot their own horns, instead allowing beers like RPM, an award-winning IPA, to do the talking.

So it is fitting that Boneyard has partnered with fellow Oregon brewer and fellow under-the-radar fliers, Baker City's Barley Brown's Beer, on a soon-to-be-released collaboration beer. Like Boneyard, Barley Brown's makes beer that is so good you'll want to dance on the table. And like Boneyard, Barley Brown's doesn't bottle its brews. Could that explain why some people are still in the dark about this Eastern Oregon marvel, which recently won best brewer AND Brewery of the Year at Colorado's Great American Beer Festival?

The joint venture is a double IPA dubbed Allocation, as there were only 40 kegs made and beers fans will no doubt be clambering for this miracle-in-the-making. (It should be noted that the distributor, Point Blank, helped name the beer.) Boneyard brewmaster Tony Lawrence expects Allocation to be like most Boneyard beers—full of hop flavor and aroma, and not overly bitter. Though it is a double IPA, beers that often range from 8 to 10 percent alcohol by volume, Lawrence made this one an approachable 8.5 percent ABV.

"It was a really fun project," Lawrence said. "This was a bunch of homies hooking up to make IPAs—just us having a good time."

Technically, Allocation is Boneyard's third collaboration beer. The first run of Armored Fist, Boneyard's Imperial Cascadian Dark Ale, was made with Indiana's Three Floyd's Brewing. Later, Lawrence worked with his longtime mentor and Oregon brewing legend, John Harris, on a special project beer.

Lawrence expects Allocation to be in kegs by next week or the week after. Look for it at the finest beer bars in Bend, Portland and points in between.

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