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BrightSide Animal Center is a high-save shelter that houses and rehabilitates companion animals, and equips them for success in their next home. We believe that every animal who enters through our receiving door deserves the chance to leave through our front door with a secure future. We strive to place every animal that comes to us and we're proud to have a save rate that’s one of the highest in the country. If you, too, believe in the high-save mission, that each animal is worth saving and deserves our best efforts, please help us: Send a check to our mailing address, or donate online at


$20 will buy a day at doggie daycare for a lucky shelter dog

$25 will fund vaccinations for a cat or dog

$50 will pay for a cat spay or neuter

$75 will provide spay or neuter for a small- to medium-sized dog

$100 will spay or neuter a large dog

$250 will help fund behavior-modification work with a dog trainer

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